I’m  made of salted anchovies and Mediterranean waves, the scent of June among wheat fields mixed with endless days and cold fog of the woods at the end of autumn. But also house music from clubs, fast highways and slow local food, Italian historic centers, elderly people to listen to and take care of and a lot of study to invent my work in my three favorite niches: interior, food and artisanship.

I'm a full stack visual media marketer consultant specialized in property styling and redesign for private seller, property manager, investors, professionals, food vendors and artisan. 
What I see in a project I translate into a multisensory message suitable for the public who will have to welcome it starting from the analysis of the data, from the background in which the project on which to work is inserted, design a strategy and take the field to implement it through the research of materials, styling, staging, production of visual contents, their communication and creativity in promoting the entire project.

I call this activity Strategic Creativity.

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